Today was a strange day….

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today started off with an interview at Education Bay school. They wanted a tabel tennis coach for their students. So my friend Khalel refered them to me. It went ok. I think they have other cheaper options available to them.

Then was my University Class of Organizational Behavior. The course instructor talked about Changing technologies having an effect on competition. I think it is a very big factor (Changing technologies) in todays market competition. Organizations are trying to import new technologies to enhance their capabilities of production and give a better service. In other words they are trying to be more efficient and effective. Meaning that when machines are involved in processes less wastage happens and outputs increase. (Well serviced and looked after machines).

I got to know about Pepsi current CEO. She is a female from India. Her Name is Indra Nooyi. She is one example I had never seen or herd in my life before.

Any ways that was it for my university class. Then I came back home and had lunch. And then quickly sat down to fix my computer. It needed an OS installation to be done. As I was trying a copy of windows 7 on it. But did not like it very much. So then again switched back to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is free to use OS. Its great. It has every thing in it. You actually need no CDs with softwares on them. Nor do you need to go here and then on the internet to find your favorite softwares. It has a Ubuntu Software Center in which you just need to write what you need and it will give you options that are out there on the Internet. And the best part is that you then do not need to worry about the installation etc. All is done very smoothly. No need to worry about viruses in Ubuntu. Ubuntu keeps getting updates and keeps its self secure at all times. It has each and every utility that you could possibly need on a computer. Even iPhone, iPad, iPod etc can be used with Ubuntu.

Any way That was alot about Ubuntu. 🙂

Take care all….


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