Internet option in Pakistan

September 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Internet not working on computer!! Using my mobile to check mails on
Warid EDGE cellular network. It gives quite a reasonable speed
(160kbps). There are different packages for internet usage. For now i
am using the normal one. Which is, it charges me 1.3 PKR / 65kb. Its
expensive to use it this way. But i am planning to switch to another
data plan which warid provides. Which is, 500 PKR for 2GB in one
month. If my 2GB limit gets done, then warid will charge me 0.2 PKR /
MB. I did the math, it comes out to be quite cheep. Not that i will be
using it for my everyday usage, but for a back up plan i think its
worth while.
Just completed math of what data plans warid is providing at the
moment for post paid.

Normal: 1 MB = 16 PKR
Better: 1 MB = 8 PKR
Best: 1 MB = 0.244 PKR

I already told you about the details for the normal in my above
paragraph. Now will talk about the better and best. The better one is
giving 30 MBs to be used in one month period. And the cost is going to
be 240 PKR. If you exceed your limit you will be charged 6 PKR per MB.
The best package that warid is providing is 2GB for 500 PKR per month.
In this package if you exceed your limit then you shall be charged 0.2
PKR per MB extra that you use.
Its quite good for people who want to use internet any where and
everywhere in Pakistan. I will be uploading the way to use internet
from your nokia mobile on your computers and laptops.

Do contact me if you have any questions…..


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