Trip to Thata for Rehabilitation work

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment


Road leading to Haji Arbab Mohammad Village started off at 8am from Hamid uncle’s home, heading towards Thata. There is a small Village (Haji Arbab Mohammad) near Thata which we are planning to take under our wing for rehabilitation work. We have been working for the IDPs from the day all the flood water came and destroyed many happy homes. It’s an honor to be able to help the poor. It feels so nice when a heart-broken person smiles. It’s a feeling that one can only experience by being helpful.

We reached our destination at 12:45pm. Went through fields which were submerged in flood water. Now all the water has gone back. And people have come back to their home. But all was destroyed here. So we went around doing surveys. We are planning to rehabilitate their home. We filled out survey forms from random people and took pictures also to keep a reference. There are approximately 300 Hundred families living in this Village.


Google earth images of the area


Got done from there, then we went to PAWS. They came with us to give free medicine and fodder (food) to the live stock cattle. They had some vets with them volunteering. They were doing a pretty nice job by helping the bay zaman animals. After all got done we started to move out at 6pm. We took the super highway. On the way we got stuck in some serious traffic. It took us around thirty mins to go through it. Then as we got on the super highway near Jamshoro, we stopped for dinner and tea. We all were quite tired. So the stop over was really refreshing. From there on we went directly for Karachi. We reached Karachi at 10:30pm. The trip went great 🙂 .

Picture album:


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