Time to wake up

October 27, 2010 § 7 Comments

Studies need time. I don’t know why and how my mind is not able to understand this simple concept. I make plans for studying but then it goes into the later basket. And computer + internet comes up,  it just makes the time fly away. And then you know that its time for doing something else and you get indulged in to doing so. But sadly the studies remain on a stand still. And then when the time comes to show what you have learned from your studies, you sit blank and worried about what is going to happen. Simple answer! You will fail.

You need to have a strong determination for doing studies. Its like drinking something not drinkable. Any way, it’s all up to me to study and get my self up and on the go. Have to find my own inner self and ask him why can’t I sit and study. I have asked someone within myself, but the answer that someone gives is “what is bothering you?” Now here my inner self starts to give elaborations etc. I mean that it starts to give reasons. And I being a man who does not like reasons what so ever then start to fight back with in my self that, why this reason, why that reason, etc. Let me recall what i have been doing for the past few days. I have been helping flood effected people. During that period, it felt very good from with in my self about what i am doing. It made me feel light.

Hmmm, lets see if I am able to get my mind in one place and start studying…..


§ 7 Responses to Time to wake up

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