Great snorkeling trip 20-11-10

December 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

🙂 wow what a great trip it was. Had a total of seventeen people. It was just magnificent. The visibility was almost 30 feet, even though the water was receding back, meaning the tide was going back. But the water was just excellent.

We started off at 7 🙂 planned time was 6:30am. But due to some lack on my side of managing the group we left at seven. Any ways, I have learned that time needs to be given  a little short of departure time. It’s obvious that we can’t do two things at one time, one being leaving at 6:30am and also at the same time gather at 6:30am. 🙂 any way we started off, and reached Nasir Baroi at french beach around 8. Amar bhie and group were waiting for us there. We had Parathas made in local desi ghi 🙂 yummy. Ahmad and group also joined us at Nasir Baroi in a matter of mins after we came.

We left from there for Mubarak village at 8:30am. The road from there on wards to Mubarak village is great. Great scenery and small rocky mountains amuses well most of the Karachi people. It definitely is a nice drive between those mountains and that ends at the beautiful Mubarak village beach. We reach Mubarak at 9:10 or so. From there we got in contact with our main guy from whom we get the boats for going to Churna island. These boats are called as Horas over there. Well we got our self in to the 2 boats that we hired for the day and left from Mubarak at 9:30am. The water was super smooth! In winters mostly the ocean is calm. The boat was all coated with fish churbi. So it was just almost impossible for any of us to stand. And also because our boats were running on full capacity so even a slight movement by any one was tilting the boat.

As we reached churna island the temptation of jumping in to the water with our snorkel gear had reached its limits. So we just jumped in without spending any more time on the boat. The water was quite refreshing, a little cold but that was manageable. As we started to snorkel around we saw many kinds of fish. It was just breath-taking. The video that I have uploaded will be more than enough to  justify my excitement.

We got done with our snorkeling around 3:30pm. We snorkeled at two spots (see pictures).

We reached back to Mubarak Village at 5pm. Then we were supper hungry! We went straight to Nasir Baroi. Had a really good Dall fried in green chillies. It was delicious! From there we went home:-) all tired but content! Great trip guys! Thank you all!



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