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Great leaders use to be followers once! Great leaders are nurtured by the society they are living in. What differs leaders from followers is their thinking! Their attitude which comes up from their beliefs. And I think beliefs are made by our parents or teachers or friends or any other person we meet during are life time. While we are growing are brains are very much like a soft dry sponge. In the early stages of life we tend to belief in each and every thing we hear or do. With time we realize that which one of our beliefs are wrong and which were right. Now here comes the part which I think is the most interesting one.

You need to be like a lion. Lion Beliefs that all the other animals are his food. Thats why he is the leader of the Animal Kingdom! The lion is not the smartest, nor the largest and not even the heaviest of all the animals in the animal Kingdom. His belief that all other animals are my lunch shapes his attitude. And his attitude then shapes his actions. πŸ™‚

King of the Jungle

Lion the King of the Jungle

Every Animal in the jungle respects the Lion. The Lion is given respect due to his Attitude. And what shapes his Attitude is his belief.

I think that once we start to check our beliefs and change those beliefs which stop us from moving forward in life, we will be able to become great leaders! Now a days most of the Pakistani people are trying to find a leader, I think they should stop and look at them selfs for a change. I think if we start to belief that we can be leaders then only can Pakistan come back on its own feet.

“An army of Sheep led by a Lion will always defeat an army of Lions led by a Sheep!” (Dr. Myles Munroe)


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