About me

Well, I am a person who will help anyone anywhere anytime. Well I try to. Sorry if I am unable to do so in any case.

I like to go on adventures. Be it Camping, Offroading, Hiking, Trekking, Snorkeling, Cycling, Etc………

I am a sportsman to. Been playing Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis all my life. Stated playing Golf 1 Year back.

Testimonial by Junaid Rahim:

“Khizar Rashid a.k.a Trouble shooter  Managing Partner at Divers Reef Karachi. From a spider on the boat to a sea storm, this guy has a contingency plan for everything. Sometimes, we believe that he can make a house out of a matchstick box in case he loses shelter because his trouble shooting skills are so unique that we are thankful at times.

He is also a great athlete and highly experienced in trekking, off-roading & camping. This probably explains how he has managed to polish his trouble shooting skills. He is a disciplined man who likes to play it by the book unless he comes across a missing where he is forced to bend his principles. Mr. Rashid  has been trained in basic First Aid Response. In the end, he is a good skin diver and has captured poured in wonderful memories for DIVERS REEF KARACHI.”

You will learn more about me as you read through my blog posts that I shall write.

Me on the side of a fast moving train engine


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