My 22nd Birthday

December 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

My day started of at 9am by me sitting on my pc and checking my facebook wall for many birthday wishes that my friends send to me. Then quickly got ready for golf. Had planned to play golf with Husain Mamo and Ali bhie. Went to DHA golf club at 9:50am. Tee off at 10am. Played 9over over all in 9holes. Then at 12:30pm went home for lunch with family. We planned to go to a chines restraunt at Tariq road. Its name is Hongkong Chines restraunt. Had a new dish Kung Pao Chicken with Roasted Peanuts. It was delicious! The hongkong special soup was also really good. From there we got done at 4 and went home. My friend Mohsin Ali Mustafa came home at 5. We went to HotShots near Evolution and my friends shop The Sports. I had capitino coffy and he ordered chocolate milk shake (icecream). Had a good chat after a long time. :-). Went home at 5:50pm. Was late for uni so quickly got my formal shoes on and went to uni. Uni class went ok ok 😉 . Got done from uni at 9 and went home. At home, Maroof came after i reached. Now from here my boombastic night started. We went to pick Khalil. I had ordered cake for the night at creek club bakery. So went there to pick it up. Browni cake. Now on to our journey to Hawksbay. We reached there around 11:30pm. We were the last ones to arrive because i had to pick the cake from creek club. But any way, the party had all just arrived half an hour before us. The hut that was booked is great. It had generator, lights, two bed rooms, two bath rooms, one kitchen, one dining hall and a porch area. Great for a night spend at Hawksbay. We were a total of 22 people. I had not met any of them before, but had heard a lot about them from Maroof. Full party scene guys! I cant think of one second that i had felt bored. We started preparation for volly ball. Hanged lights in the front of our hut. And some of us were busy putting up the volly ball net. While all of this was being done, two
three boys started playing with fire crackers. After many years i saw
someone use fire crackers. It was a fun start. Then after that we had
Chicken Biryani around 12:30pm. Delicious! Then with out wasting a
min, we all started to play volly ball. Well as i said we were 22
people, out of which 18 were playing volly ball. So it was actually a
big fun game. Pulling each others legs, restlling with each other. It
was fun! We got tired, and then turned of the generator and started
the BonFire. We all sat around it, and started laughing on jokes
cracked around by everyone. It was a chilly night, our feet were
getting num because of the cold sand. Khalil started some poetry and
it was halarious. 🙂  We all kept on laughing like drunk people! 😉
Any way, then at around 3:30am we took out the BarBQ equipment. 🙂
Wah gi wah. While the BarBQ was being made, we were baking sweet
potato in the fire. It was yummy. The BarBQ chicken was coming slowly
and slowly, but as it is and will always be, the company was great,
and thats what matters the most. While the BarBQ was being made, we
were baking sweet potatos in the Bon Fire. 🙂 delicious.


Great snorkeling trip 20-11-10

December 20, 2010 § 3 Comments

🙂 wow what a great trip it was. Had a total of seventeen people. It was just magnificent. The visibility was almost 30 feet, even though the water was receding back, meaning the tide was going back. But the water was just excellent.

We started off at 7 🙂 planned time was 6:30am. But due to some lack on my side of managing the group we left at seven. Any ways, I have learned that time needs to be given  a little short of departure time. It’s obvious that we can’t do two things at one time, one being leaving at 6:30am and also at the same time gather at 6:30am. 🙂 any way we started off, and reached Nasir Baroi at french beach around 8. Amar bhie and group were waiting for us there. We had Parathas made in local desi ghi 🙂 yummy. Ahmad and group also joined us at Nasir Baroi in a matter of mins after we came.

We left from there for Mubarak village at 8:30am. The road from there on wards to Mubarak village is great. Great scenery and small rocky mountains amuses well most of the Karachi people. It definitely is a nice drive between those mountains and that ends at the beautiful Mubarak village beach. We reach Mubarak at 9:10 or so. From there we got in contact with our main guy from whom we get the boats for going to Churna island. These boats are called as Horas over there. Well we got our self in to the 2 boats that we hired for the day and left from Mubarak at 9:30am. The water was super smooth! In winters mostly the ocean is calm. The boat was all coated with fish churbi. So it was just almost impossible for any of us to stand. And also because our boats were running on full capacity so even a slight movement by any one was tilting the boat.

As we reached churna island the temptation of jumping in to the water with our snorkel gear had reached its limits. So we just jumped in without spending any more time on the boat. The water was quite refreshing, a little cold but that was manageable. As we started to snorkel around we saw many kinds of fish. It was just breath-taking. The video that I have uploaded will be more than enough to  justify my excitement.

We got done with our snorkeling around 3:30pm. We snorkeled at two spots (see pictures).

We reached back to Mubarak Village at 5pm. Then we were supper hungry! We went straight to Nasir Baroi. Had a really good Dall fried in green chillies. It was delicious! From there we went home:-) all tired but content! Great trip guys! Thank you all!


Will it Rain?

November 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

Is it true that it rains in winters also? When will it rain, the weather has now become cold enough for us to start getting our jackets out of the store-room. Long time haven’t seen them, same dark colors, the rough softness, the natural odour of jackets, it’s just refreshing to feel all that :-). Chalo let’s be a little more practical, guys winters in Karachi is some times a little harsh. Meaning that it comes quickly and is very nice. But for most of Karachi people it’s not very nice. Because not all have enough jackets to keep them self warm. I am talking about the people who are very poor.

Now a day Bar BQ is one of the best things that happens!

Meat being BarBecued

Planning them, then the gathering, then the Bon fire and etc. It is just so great! I had my first Bar BQ of this season with two of my close friends. It was fun :-).

Maroof and Khalil having Bar-BQ at my place

So let the bar BQ equipment out of the store-room and let the coal on fire!

Happy Bar-BQ_ing  🙂

Earning money to have a better life style

November 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

People are on the run to earn money from one place to another. Life is so hard in real. Is it so? Or is it just that life is being made hard by our own self.

Life is a very beautiful gift that Allah has given to us. We should not make it a curse upon our self. We should enjoy living each and every moment. Some people will deny this fact. They think that life is a test and tests are to be taken the hard way. Which in one sense looks right. Life is a test. Everyday is a test for our own strengths  and weaknesses. Our strength meaning the good qualities that we have in our self are being challenged everyday by external forces. Which is a good thing because this way we are able to polish our self from within our self and make our strengths more stronger and rock solid.

Now comes our weaknesses. Our weaknesses are our bad qualities which we posses. No one would like to have their bad qualities take over their lives. We need to keep our bad qualities aside and learn to look ahead while holding on to our good qualities that we have.


Time to wake up

October 27, 2010 § 7 Comments

Studies need time. I don’t know why and how my mind is not able to understand this simple concept. I make plans for studying but then it goes into the later basket. And computer + internet comes up,  it just makes the time fly away. And then you know that its time for doing something else and you get indulged in to doing so. But sadly the studies remain on a stand still. And then when the time comes to show what you have learned from your studies, you sit blank and worried about what is going to happen. Simple answer! You will fail.

You need to have a strong determination for doing studies. Its like drinking something not drinkable. Any way, it’s all up to me to study and get my self up and on the go. Have to find my own inner self and ask him why can’t I sit and study. I have asked someone within myself, but the answer that someone gives is “what is bothering you?” Now here my inner self starts to give elaborations etc. I mean that it starts to give reasons. And I being a man who does not like reasons what so ever then start to fight back with in my self that, why this reason, why that reason, etc. Let me recall what i have been doing for the past few days. I have been helping flood effected people. During that period, it felt very good from with in my self about what i am doing. It made me feel light.

Hmmm, lets see if I am able to get my mind in one place and start studying…..

Trip to Thata for Rehabilitation work

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment


Road leading to Haji Arbab Mohammad Village started off at 8am from Hamid uncle’s home, heading towards Thata. There is a small Village (Haji Arbab Mohammad) near Thata which we are planning to take under our wing for rehabilitation work. We have been working for the IDPs from the day all the flood water came and destroyed many happy homes. It’s an honor to be able to help the poor. It feels so nice when a heart-broken person smiles. It’s a feeling that one can only experience by being helpful.

We reached our destination at 12:45pm. Went through fields which were submerged in flood water. Now all the water has gone back. And people have come back to their home. But all was destroyed here. So we went around doing surveys. We are planning to rehabilitate their home. We filled out survey forms from random people and took pictures also to keep a reference. There are approximately 300 Hundred families living in this Village.


Google earth images of the area


Got done from there, then we went to PAWS. They came with us to give free medicine and fodder (food) to the live stock cattle. They had some vets with them volunteering. They were doing a pretty nice job by helping the bay zaman animals. After all got done we started to move out at 6pm. We took the super highway. On the way we got stuck in some serious traffic. It took us around thirty mins to go through it. Then as we got on the super highway near Jamshoro, we stopped for dinner and tea. We all were quite tired. So the stop over was really refreshing. From there on we went directly for Karachi. We reached Karachi at 10:30pm. The trip went great 🙂 .

Picture album:

Season begins with a rocking trip

October 15, 2010 § 9 Comments

Started off at 8:30am from my place. We went to Dil Pasand for halwa puri. I never had Halwa Puri over there. It was delicious. Then on to our trip, we reached Nasir Baroai Hotel (french beach) around 9:30. And then from there onwards it took us another 45mins to reach Mubarak village. At Mubarak village we negotiated with a boat wala to take us to Churna Island. Boat ride to Churna Island from Mubarak village was approx 1hour. The water was quite smooth as compared to end of summers. As we reached near Churna Island many fishing boats were already there scattered. The boat wala took us near the Island where the water is 15-25 feet deep. Ahmad went in first to check the underwater world to see if there was any thing interesting there. Our first attempt for finding something failed. So then the boat wala took us to a different spot near by. Then we all got into our snorkeling gear and jumped in. It was very refreshing and fun to be back in the ocean after summers!

This is the video of our whole trip. Enjoy …. 🙂
Click on it:

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Snorkeling at Churna Island 10-10-2010