Will it Rain?

November 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

Is it true that it rains in winters also? When will it rain, the weather has now become cold enough for us to start getting our jackets out of the store-room. Long time haven’t seen them, same dark colors, the rough softness, the natural odour of jackets, it’s just refreshing to feel all that :-). Chalo let’s be a little more practical, guys winters in Karachi is some times a little harsh. Meaning that it comes quickly and is very nice. But for most of Karachi people it’s not very nice. Because not all have enough jackets to keep them self warm. I am talking about the people who are very poor.

Now a day Bar BQ is one of the best things that happens!

Meat being BarBecued

Planning them, then the gathering, then the Bon fire and etc. It is just so great! I had my first Bar BQ of this season with two of my close friends. It was fun :-).

Maroof and Khalil having Bar-BQ at my place

So let the bar BQ equipment out of the store-room and let the coal on fire!

Happy Bar-BQ_ing  🙂


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